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伊達茶 深蒸し煎茶 一番茶

Datecha - Fukamushi Sencha - First Flush

Datecha - Fukamushi Sencha - First Flush

65g bag

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  • 3-5g
  • 8 oz @ 70 C / 180 F
  • 1st Pour - 30s, 2nd Pour - 0s, and 3rd Pour - 10s

The Story

Datecha is a rare tea from the northern reaches of Miyagi, a zone with an interesting tea lineage that isn't well known for tea growing in Japan. This micro-farm is run by Hiroshi Sasaki, an extraordinarily dedicated solo farmer.

Sasaki-san only has a single picking each year because of the short northern growing season. We originaly encountered this tea through Tooru Yabe, a master tea blender who works with Sasaki-san to promote his tea.

Datecha is named after Miyagi's famous samurai, Date Masamune, credited with establishing the region and Miyagi's capital Sendai. He was also very taken by the ceremony of tea, bringing it to the Tokoku region and encouraging its growth.

More than 400 years have passed since Date Masamune encouraged tea cultivation in the region, and the farms have dwindled away in modern times, making this particular tea very rare.

A bit like a proud samurai himself, Sasaki-san carefully monitors his farm year-round to make sure his leaves are pristine when harvest season comes. He doesn't use sprays; the upkeep is predominantly by hand.

We haven't found another tea that quite shows the flavors of Datecha. We’re excited to offer this special sencha with a lineage and terroir unique to the Miyagi region.

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  • Direct-Sourced

    We meet with our farmers and master blenders face-to-face, to bring you tea direct from source

  • Microlot

    We work with small family farms and micro farms to find rare teas of exceptional quality that haven't left Japan before

  • Generational

    We work with families and farmers who put massive effort into preserving the quality and heritage of their land, culture, and tea