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安間 やぶきた 焙煎深蒸 煎茶 - 新茶

Anma Yabukita Black Label - Fukamushi Sencha

Anma Yabukita Black Label - Fukamushi Sencha

50g bag

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  • 3g
  • 100ml @ 70C / 160F
  • 1st Pour - 30s, 2nd Pour - 0s, and 3rd Pour - 0s

Tea Profile

Type: Baisen Deep-Steamed Sencha

Cultivar: Yabukita

Region: Shizuoka

Farmer: Kousuke Anma


Tasting Notes

Aroma: Toasty, nutty aroma, but also sweet, roasted chestnuts. Notes of nori. Floral notes also come through.

Taste: Buttery mouthfeel. Roasted chestnuts. Gentle, long-lasting umami. Very well-balanced sweetness and astringency.


The Story

The Yabukita cultivar has been grown in the Shizuoka region since the Meiji era. Anma Black Label is a deep and elegant expression of the cultivar that we instantly fell in love with. The fragrant scent of this tea fills your nose like incense.

This is a unique sencha - a baisen fukamushi - which is deep-steamed by flame, using a flame similar to what is used to roast hojicha.

We found this tea on a trip to Shizuoka - we were at a bar that focuses on tea and tea cocktails, run by Itani-san, the son of a tea farmer and a professional bartender by trade. He decided to open his tea concept bar as a way to support and promote tea makers in his hometown.

The moment he gave us a taste of this elegant Yabukita we had to know who was growing it. The next day, we drove straight to the farm unannounced. It was cutting season, and heading deeper into the mountains, we had no idea what kind of reception we'd get. On our way to the farm, the fragrant aroma of roasting hojicha filled the air - it seemed like everyone in this little town nestled in the hills is involved in tea.

When we arrived, a father and son duo were right in the middle of harvest cutting. Despite that, after we explained why we had come, they stopped to talk with us, tell us about their harvest, and gave us a big bag of their teas so we could try what they've been making. They were so down to earth, and we knew we'd be bringing some of their tea home.

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