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両河内茶 静7132

Ryougouchi "Sakura Glow" Sencha - 2023 Shincha

Ryougouchi "Sakura Glow" Sencha - 2023 Shincha

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  • 3g
  • 100ml @ 70C (160F)
  • 1st Pour - 60s, 2nd Pour - 0s, and 3rd Pour - 0s

Tea Profile

Type: Sencha

Cultivar: Shizu-7132

Region: Shizuoka

Farmer: Iwasaki Shinobu


Tasting Notes

Aroma: Cherry blossoms, green forest leaves, sakura.

Taste: Sakura mochi, cherry blossom, gentle floral notes. Nice round mouthfeel.


The Story

Cherry trees and fresh leaves. With sakura mochi-like sweetness, and a long, floral finish, this tea captures springtime in Japan. The leaves are tightly spun and shiny, and even the liquor is colored like spring leaves.

Shizu 7132 is an unregistered tea cultivar, first cultivated in the 1960s. It's unique in that the young tea leaves start out bright red before greening - but it's most unique characteristic is it's aroma, which has strong notes of cherry blossoms.

The tea garden is in Ryougouchi, straddling the sky, surrounded by mountains on all four sides. After hours winding along mountain roads, veering along cliffs with barely enough space for our tiny rent-a-car, we finally arrived at Iwasaki-san's home. Deep in the mountains of Shizuoka, Iwasaki-san's farm enveloped us in a magical aroma of mountain forest and tea.

Despite the busy harvest season, the family greeted us with smiles as they were steaming freshly harvested tea leaves. They drove us up steep, windy paths to their fields, the road narrow, and so steep we felt like we'd topple backwards. We asked if the town maintained the roads, "oh, this was paved by granpa".

There was a moment when we realized they go up this road every day. In difficult years, the typhoons wipe out the roads and they have to build them again. We felt the strength of these people, who face nature every day, and we felt deep appreciation for the tea we drink from them.

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