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丹波 季節のしずく 煎茶

Tanba "Droplets of the Season" Sencha - 2023 Shincha

Tanba "Droplets of the Season" Sencha - 2023 Shincha

30g bags

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  • 3-5g
  • 120ml @ 60-70C (140-160F)
  • 1st Pour - 30-60s, 2nd Pour - 0s, and 2nd Pour - 0s

Tea Profile

Type: Sencha

Cultivar: Blend of cultivars

Region: Tanba-Sasayama

Farmer: Tanaka Hideki


Tasting Notes

Aroma: Earthy, bamboo forest, oolong, apricot.

Taste: Wild mountain herbs, mugwort, matcha. Sweet and savory. Layered.


The Story

This is a complex wild tea from the mountain valleys of Tanba-Sasayama, a place with a 1,200 year history of tea. The tea trees here have their own terroir - they are wild, and kept that way by people like Tanaka-san.

Tanaka-san nurtures his tea fields in a non-interventional way - with no sprays or pesticides, life runs its natural course in the fields. He tells us his bug-bitten fields are the better for it - the leaves react to the bites, strengthening themselves by summoning deeper nutrients into the tea trees.

The flavor we get is wild, deep, and layered. It is floral. It is savory, vegetal. It has woody umami, and a balance of sweetness and bitterness, all together. It is sensitive to temperature, and it changes significantly each pouring.

This is not the first sencha to have, if you are starting out. It is a temperamental, difficult tea, but very rewarding. A fun one to experiment with temperature and time.

Tanaka-san himself is a teacher of tea, of the old school. The first time we met him, he took the entire day to show us around, show us his fields, his process, and to drink tea together.

He and his wife showed us overwhelming generosity, and a deep, long tradition of tea stretching back through the ages. A branch of his frost-bitten winter tea, preserved after he gifted it to us, hangs in our tearoom to this day.

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