Brewing Guides

Brewing Japanese tea


Japanese tea is brewed differently than other teas - here are some guides and pointers on getting the best out of your tea.

Japanese teas are usually brewed in small teapots called kyuusu (急須) - if you don't have one, any teapot will work, but kyuusu work best (check our current selection of ceramics for kyuusu).

Leaves, water, and time. Three simple things, and how you vary them can change the flavor you get from your tea drastically.

With hotter water, you'll get stronger aromatics and more astringency. The cooler you go, you'll get sweeter flavors with more umami.

There's no single "right way" to brew, but here we have guides to the traditional Japanese ways of brewing that will give you a fine cup. Once you've mastered the basics, finding the leaf, temperature, and time that you like from your teas is an endless discovery.


Sencha Brewing Guide / 煎茶の淹れ方

Hojicha Brewing Guide / ほうじ茶の淹れ方

Wakoucha Brewing Guide / 和紅茶の淹れ方

Cold Brew Brewing Guide / 水出し茶の淹れ方

Ice Brew Brewing Guide / 氷出し茶の淹れ方