Hojicha Brewing Guide


Brewing Hojicha Roasted Tea

Hojicha brewing overview

Hojicha is a roasted green tea that also often contains twigs and stems from the tea branches. Most of the caffeine is burnt out of the leaves, making it a good evening tea as well. Hojicha can be made straight with boiling water, and also makes excellent cold brew.

How to brew in a teapot

The basic recipe:

Leaves: 4-6g

Water: 180-200ml at 100C (boiling)

Time: 30s-1m 



There's no cooling needed for hojicha - just add your leaves, add boiled water, and wait 30 seconds to a minute.

Pour out all of the water between brewings so the leaves don't oversteep. On 2nd and 3rd brewings, you don't need to wait any time before pouring.


  • Hojicha is very forgiving and is hard to oversteep. You can get quite a few brewings out of it.
  • High quality hoji is soft and crumbly, and can be eaten - sprinkled over a dessert, or used in baked goods. Like matcha, it makes a useful powder that can be used in cooking and lattes, etc.