Wakoucha Brewing Guide


Wakoucha Japanese red tea

Wakoucha brewing overview

Wakoucha is a fermented Japanese red tea, similar to a black tea although we find it lighter and more floral.

How to brew in a teapot

The basic recipe:

Leaves: 4-6g

Water: 180-200ml at 100C (boiling)

Time: 2-3m 



Wakoucha can be made straight with boiling water - just add your leaves to the teapot, add boiled water, and wait 2-3 minutes.

Pour out all of the water between brewings so the leaves don't oversteep.

On 2nd and 3rd brewings, wait another 2-3 minutes before pouring.


  • If you're familiar with Chinese gongfu tea you may have heard of people pouring out the first brewing, but this is not done with wakoucha.