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Uji Genmaicha

Uji Genmaicha

50g bag

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  • 4g
  • 120ml @ 95C / 4oz @ 200F
  • 1st Pour - 30s, 2nd Pour - 0s, and 3rd Pour - 0s

Tea Profile

Type: Genmaicha with Uji Matcha

Region: Uji, Kyoto

Producer: Horii Shichimeien


Tasting Notes

Aroma: Nutty, toasty, with deep green and matcha in the back.

Taste: Roasted nuts, grain, popcorn. 1st pouring has notes of matcha, sweet and pleasantly bitter, subsequent pourings show more sweet leaf.


The Story

Comfort in a cup! In addition to toasted brown rice and mochi puffs, stone-milled Uji matcha is added to this very special genmaicha, a collaboration with venerable teamaker Horii Shichimeien.

It makes a glowing emerald green liquor filled with flavors of buttered popcorn, croissant, sweet leaves, roasted nuts, toasted grains, and a subtle bitter touch from high grade matcha that rounds it all out. While we like genmaicha in general, this one really stands out - which is of course why we had to bring it to you!

With roots dating back to the Edo period, Horii Shichimeien pioneered methods of teamaking that are still in use today, especially the way that matcha is produced. Visiting them and their tea farm in Uji was a real treat, and we're honored to be able to present you with this tea!


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Customer Reviews

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Kenzey Ostrowski

I drink this everyday with a little honey and it is so delicious

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