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やまちゃ ほうじ茶

Yamacha Hojicha "Mountain Tea"

Yamacha Hojicha "Mountain Tea"


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  • 4-5g
  • 120ml @ 100C / 4oz @ 212F
  • 1st Pour - 60s, 2nd Pour - 0s, and 3rd Pour - 0s

Tea Profile

Type: Hojicha

Cultivar: Yamacha

Region: Ehime

Farmer: Waki Junki


Tasting Notes

Aroma: Loquat, malt grain. Slightly tropical, sweet smell.

Taste: Lightly roasted, not smokey. Gentle sweetness. Smooth, earthy, touch of coffee bean bitterness at the tail end.


The Story

This is a roasted green tea from old growth tea trees cultivated deep in the mountains of Ehime Prefecture. Called yamacha, this "mountain tea" has naturalized to it's area - it's considered a wild cultivar. At this farm, Waki-san does not use pesticides or sprays, relying on the natural ecosystem - ladybugs and bees, and other beneficial insects, to take care of pests.

We love the wild nature of this tea, it's soft tropical aroma - like loquat in the nose - and gentle sweetness. It's lightly roasty, mellow mood. It's slightly bitter chocolate or coffee bean note at the end. It's a cup of comfort that instantly transports us to the Japanese countryside.

Since hoji is particularly light on caffeine, we like this tea in the afternoon and evening. It also makes a delicious cold brew and is very refreshing.

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  • Direct-Sourced

    We meet with our farmers and master blenders face-to-face, to bring you tea direct from source

  • Microlot

    We work with small family farms and micro farms to find rare teas of exceptional quality that haven't left Japan before

  • Generational

    We work with families and farmers who put massive effort into preserving the quality and heritage of their land, culture, and tea