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常滑急須 東屋

Tokoname-ware Teapot - Wide

Tokoname-ware Teapot - Wide

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The Story

Made in Tokonome, Aichi Prefecture, one of the six ancient ceramics regions of Japan - where pottery has been made since the late Heian period (the 12th century) - tradition and modern design come together in this elegant Azumaya teapot. The unglazed matte surface helps preserve the natural pure flavor of the tea you brew inside. An elegant handle is placed on the back of the teapot, and inside, a superfine perforated tea strainer is shaped out of the ceramic itself, enhancing the natural flavor of your loose leaf tea.

The Wide teapot has a low profile and wide base, which allows the tea leaves to spread out in the teapot for increased aroma. Perfect for pouring for yourself or for two people.

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  • Family farms & small producers

    We seek out teas from small farms, family farms, and microlots that would otherwise not be seen outside of Japan. We find growers and teas that we love, and bring them back to share with you.

  • Farm to cup

    Our teas are direct-sourced from the growers and producers we meet on our travels. By buying directly from our producers, we can both lower the cost to you as well as pay more to them - we hope everyone can benefit.

  • Generational, inspirational

    We work with families and farmers who put massive effort into preserving the quality and heritage of their land. We looks for tea of exceptional quality, rare cultivars, and teas that show their terroir.